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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Will Cell Phones Ever Stop Changing Size?

I'm thrilled with my new Samsung S6, but it's at least an inch longer and 1/2 inch wider than my old phone.  It won't fit into the pockets of my shorts, so I have to resort to wearing a "pocket" on my belt.  I am extremely short waist-ed, so it must sit at my waist.  I had an old in-the-hoop purse that I purchased from Embroidery Library years ago.  It too, was too short to be of help, but with some software assistance, I was able to lengthen the flap.  I originally added buttonholes on the back so that I could slip my belt through the buttonholes, but the buttonholes were too low on the back of the holder.  The phone went just above my waist and I kept getting poked in the side.  I took apart the side seams enough to add a piece of grosgrain ribbon on the back.  Whalaa!  I'm back in business.

Velcro keeps the phone save when the flap is down.

  1. 2 types of fabric; one for the outside and one for the lining.  The largest piece needs to be 10x5.5 inches.  The other pieces need to be 5.5 inch square       
  2.  A piece of Velcro – 4 inches long. 
  3.  1 ½ inch wide grosgrain ribbon
  4.   Sewing thread, scissors, and a sewing machine

The pocket is a 5 ½ inch square.  The back is a rectangle 10 inches long and 5 ½ inch wide from the sides match the pocket, but narrows at the top to create a 4 ½ inch tab.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric for each pattern piece; one for the outside fabric and 1 for the lining.

Match the front and lining pocket pieces , right sides together, and sew a ¼ inch seam across the top of the pocket.

Turn right side out.

Top stitch along the seam to keep the pieces in place.

Serge or zig-zag around the sides matching the lining and front fabrics.

Place the back fabric pieces together, right sides together, and sew a ¼ inch seam.  Sew across the top edges, but start sewing the side pieces about 5 ½ inches from the bottom of the back piece. It’s about the same place where the sides begin to narrow.  When the pocket is added, the rest of the side seams will be stitched.

Turn right side out.

Match the raw edges together and serge or zig-zag the raw edges.
Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon 4 ½ inches long.  Fold over the cut edges (1/4 inches) down and stitch to finish the edge.

To create a pocket to slide a belt through, place the ribbon on right side of the back, and have the top of the ribbon about 6 inches from the bottom of the back.  Stitch across the top and the bottom of the ribbon only, and make sure that the ribbon is at least ½ inch from each side of the back so that it’s not caught up in the seam when the front and back are stitched together.

Sew a piece of Velcro ½ inch from the top of the pocket on the right side.

Match the front and the back, right sides together, and stitch the sides and bottom starting at the top of the pocket using ¼ inch seam.

Turn the holder right side out.

Fold the tab over to the front and mark where the Velcro should be placed.  Sew the other half of the Velcro to the inside of the back tab area.

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