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Friday, November 14, 2014

My Next Fundraiser

I'm thinking a year down the road, but since no one really checks on this blog, I thought I'd write this almost as a reminder.

Last weekend, my daughter, her dog, and I ran the Gingerbread 5K Run for Give Kids the World.  I managed to collect $80.00 from friends, but I added another $40 to make it a $120.00 total.  Not too exciting when my daughter was able to collect $500.00.  Next year I want to offer embroidered items to anyone who donates $25.00 for my run.  I designed a countdown calendar that could be used for a variety of events, but my calendar is for our next Disney cruise.

The numerals are embroidered on grosgrain ribbon and threaded through the windows.  I stitched each ribbon together so that each ribbon is a loop.  (No pull-through accidents or lost ribbon.)  The top has "Till Our Next Cruise" at the top and the banner is hung from dowel rods.  My adult daughter finds it humorous to change a numeral or two whenever she visits.

I've also digitized a calendar with a small castle where the ship is placed and put, "Till our Next Trip".  I'm hoping I can hit up a few of my Disney friends to break past my $120.00 donation.

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