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Monday, January 26, 2015

After participating in the Gingerbread Run last November, I  found another way to support Give Kids the World AND it involves sewing.  Each child is given a wish pillow when they stay at the resort.  The directions I originally was sent, were a bit confusing, so I rewrote them and added diagrams.  
If you'd like to donate wish pillows, feel free to read through these directions.  The address for mailing them as well as what information is to be included, can be found on the GKTW website.

These are special pillows for our very special children.  I hope sometime you will be able to see one of our children with their pillow and it will help you understand how very special this project is.  Please use new, very soft fabricthis is IMPORTANT for the children.
For the project you will be working with the PILLOW FABRIC, (cozy flannel – plan color) and the pocket (novelty print which can be flannel or cotton) Please look for novelty prints suitable for both boys and girls.
Cozy Flannel is used for the PILLOW FABRICONE YARD of FLANNEL WILL MAKE FOUR (4) wish PILLOWS.
Cut the plain pillow fabric into 36 inch lengths.  A rotary cutter and boards help to ensure accuracy and also speed up the process.  The pockets are cut into 12 inch lengths.
On the pillow fabric make a hem on the raw ends (the width of the fabric), from one selvage to the other. Turn down fabric about ¼”to ½ “ and then again another ¼” to ½” taking up about an inch to one and a half inches.  Accuracy is not critical.  On the pocket material, hem one raw end, across the width of the fabric, using the same measurement as for the pillow fabric.
Match the hemmed edge of pocket and pillow.  Sew the pocket material strip to the pillow fabric, right sides together, along the length that is not hemmed.  You could go back to the cutting board to pin them together to get a straighter line for sewing.
Take the fabric back to the cutting board and fold the pocket material toward the center (wrong side of the pocket material to the right side of the pillow material). Lay a ruler at the pocket, where it is sewn and measure 15 inches.  Fold the pillow fabric over the ruler, right sides together.  Then fold the other end, on top of the end you just folded, at the pocket where it is sewn. You now have a “tube” of fabric.
Cut the tube of fabric you just created, into 4 pieces approximately 10-1/2 to 11 inches wide.  Flannel comes in different widths so just divide the flannel into fourths. And don’t worry about the selvages; they will be sewn or serged over.
Make sure the pocket in the front and opening in the back are opposite.  The overlap in the back must e at last two (2”) inches.  Little hands go into each opening to hold the pillow tight.
Use your serger to finish the side seams OR use a straight stitch and then zig zag the seams.  Clip corners and turn pillow to right side.
The finished size of the pillow and pocket will be (depending on your hem widths of 1/4” to ½” as well as the width of the flannel) as follows:
Pillow: 9-3/4” to 10” wide x 15” long.   Pocket: 9-3/4 to 10” wide x 11-1/2” long.
Now take your right hand and reach up over your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back…
If you are using scraps of fabric, the pillow fabric is 36” long by 11” wide.  The pocket fabric is 12” long by 11” wide before assembling.