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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Will Cell Phones Ever Stop Changing Size?

I'm thrilled with my new Samsung S6, but it's at least an inch longer and 1/2 inch wider than my old phone.  It won't fit into the pockets of my shorts, so I have to resort to wearing a "pocket" on my belt.  I am extremely short waist-ed, so it must sit at my waist.  I had an old in-the-hoop purse that I purchased from Embroidery Library years ago.  It too, was too short to be of help, but with some software assistance, I was able to lengthen the flap.  I originally added buttonholes on the back so that I could slip my belt through the buttonholes, but the buttonholes were too low on the back of the holder.  The phone went just above my waist and I kept getting poked in the side.  I took apart the side seams enough to add a piece of grosgrain ribbon on the back.  Whalaa!  I'm back in business.

Velcro keeps the phone save when the flap is down.