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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Threading a Serger With Ease

When I have to change thread on my serger, I usually attempt to pull the threads through using the thread already on the machine; i.e....Snip off each thread close to the spool.  Tie the new thread onto the hanging threads, and just pull each thread through the machine.  The top two left threads have to be re-threaded through each needle, but the at least the looper threads are much easier.  Of course, I still manage to pull out the knot every once in awhile which requires me to start over from scratch.  Today, I found that if I used a dental floss threader to thread the looper threads, it goes much easier. DenTak sells one that is much longer than the ones the dentist gave me for my bridge.  It has a large hole to slip the thread through, but is still small enough to pull the thread through some of those tiny holes.  I found them in my grocery store.

Happy Serging!

Floss Threader by DenTek