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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another new iPad holder

iPad Holder

The elastic in my previous holder was getting weak, so I pulled out two new sheets of cardboard and make myself a new holder.  The design is from Sick Designs, and embroidery website, but you don't need an embroidery machine to make a holder.  The main supplies are cardboard, 12 inches of 5/8 inch elastic, a sturdy fabric - home decorating fabric or cordoroy, Elmers Glue, hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun and a scissors.

This holder was easier than the first one I made because I'd already worked out the kinks.  Basically, cut two pieces of heavy cardboard the same size as your iPad.  Cut two pieces of your fabric two inches longer and wider than the cardboard.  

If you plan to decorate the backside of the holder, do it now.

The back side:
Lay the backside fabric, right side down, and place one piece of cardboard in the center.  Use Elmer's Glue to secure the cardboard to the center of the fabric.  Glueing cardboard in place will keep the fabric from sliding a bit when you hold the iPad. 

Use the hot glue to wrap the fabric around the cardboard.  Start at the coners, and fold and glue each corner toward the center of the cardboard.  Once the coners are secured, fold the ends over and hot glue in place.

The front:
Hot glue the second fabric piece to the other piece of cardboard just as you did the back side.

Adding the elastic:
Cut the elastic into 4 equal pieces.  Wrap each corner of the front with 1 piece of the elastic going from the wrong side, across the corner, and back to the wrong side on the oposite edge.

Last step:
Once the elastic is glued in place, run a narrow strip of hot glue, on the wrong side, along the edge.  Gently place the front on top of the back, wrong sides together.

Update:  For some reason, my photos have disappeared and I don't seem to find where I put them on my computer.  Sorry.

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