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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Closet Organizer

This is not rocket science, but keeping up with the baby clothes that fit and those that are a bit too big....and then become too small before they even get used, can sometimes feel like something akin to rocket science.  I recently found an embroidery design that creates little disks; like those used in department stores.  I purchased the design, but deleted it in error before I got a chance to use it.  Unfortunately, the website where I found it, doesn't track purchases made while under a membership.  Since my membership was for 1 week, I was out of luck.  Floriani digitizing program to the rescue!  I think my design is actually even better than the original.  I haven't included instructions to make the organizers, but if you are interested, and have an embroidery machine, I'm willing to share my design.

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