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Friday, March 16, 2012

Toddler Bib

I have given many bibs to new moms, but I rarely give exactly the same design more than twice.  I started out using washcloths with bias tape around the neck area and for closing.  I've also used terrycloth to make my own shapes.  These require serging the edges or using fabric to back the bib so the edges are stitched between the front and back.  Although very absorbent, I'm not sure that this wouldn't require a lot of dryer time.  So, today I tried this version.  I started with my all-time favorite, the washcloth, and just added the curved top.

I did my embroidery first.

Using a bib pattern that I found on-line years ago, I used just the top portion.  The pattern didn't quite go to the outside of the washcloth, so I just curved it out a bit and added a bit for a seam allowance.

Cut two tops, and with the right sides together, stitch the tops together.

I used a 1/4 inch seam, but I could have been a bit more generous with my seam allowance.
The pattern shows a triangle cut-out instead of just snipping around the curves.  I found that the cut-outs do work better though tedious to make.

Turn the top right side out.

Lay the front edge of the top along the top of the washcloth, right sides together.  Using 5/8 inch seam, sew just one layer of the top to the top edge of the washcloth.

Fold the top over the back, and turn the raw edge in.

Pin the back to match the front, and top-stitch to close.  I also choose to top-stitch around the whole top.

Add a strip of hook and stick tape (Velcro) to the top of one flap and the bottom of the other.

I'm not clever enough to include the pattern I used for the top.  Email me if you'd like a copy.

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