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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cell Phone Pocket

I've already complained about the growing size of cell phones and the need for a "pocket" to carry my Samsung G5.  My newest design has a zipper instead of a velcro-closure flap.  I also added a a pocket to the front to hold pills. (I'm lactose intolerant.)   I managed to match the design on the front so it's not that easy to see. 

As before, I added a sleeve to attach the "pocket" to my belt, and a loop with a carbine clip to attach to a belt clip. the carbine prevents the "pocket" from slipping off my belt in less than opportune times.

To make your own pocket, cut 2 pieces of fabric for the outside and two for the lining 7.5 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.  I used an old pair of jean shorts for the lining and used part of the waistband for the sleeve on the back of the pocket.

The zipper was installed with tabs at each end so that when the sides are stitched together, the zipper is not really part of the side seam.  It makes the seam lie flatter.

The pocket is just a piece of fabric, folded in half, and placed on the front.  The bottom of the front pocket is even with the bottom of the pocket so that when the side and bottom seams are stitched, it is stitched in with those seams as well.

The order of stitching;
1 Prepare sleeve for back
2. Add tabs to zipper and trim the zipper to fit the width of the pocket.
3 Sew zipper to top edges of the pocket. Place the zipper between the outside fabric and the lining, right sides together.  Stitch. Turn the fabrics, wrong sides together and top stitch the zipper.  Do the same for the other side of the zipper.
4. Sew sleeve to the back, through the outside and lining fabric.
5. Sew the front pocket to the front.  Sew just the sides or sew the pocket all around the sides and bottom.  This line of stitching will be in the seams when the pocket is stitched close.
6. Cut a piece of grosgrain ribbon about 4 inches long and fold in half.  Stitch the ribbon near the top of the pocket with the fold to the center of the pocket and the raw edges sticking out beyond the side seam. You can trim it later to the side seam.
7. Open the zipper at least half-way.
8. Fold the pocket in half.  It works best if the zipper is actually to the front of the pocket rather than right on the very top.  It will make your front a bit longer than the back.  Just trim the bottom edges to be the same.
9. Stitch the sides and bottom together.  My seam was a little more then 1/4 inch, but not as much as 5/8.
10. Turn the pocket right-side out.
11. If you find it difficult to grab the zipper pull easily, slip a piece of narrow ribbon through the zipper pull.

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