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Thursday, March 12, 2015

What To Do With Those Scraps

I am the world's worst when it comes to hording fabric.  In my defense, there have been times when a lone scrap came in mighty handy and not just for trial runs of embroidery.

This project uses some scraps of terry cloth.  I like to use soap from The Basin.  The shampoo bars are awesome, but I tend to forget which color is particular of various scalp or hair problems, and they tend to get used faster than I would like when placed on a soap dish in the shower.

I used terry cloth scraps to make a pocket large enough to hold the soap and get my hand inside to take it out.  Because I can, I embroidered the name/color of the soap and it's "claim to fame" on the fabric before stitching up the sides.  I used my serger to close and finish any raw edges.  The ribbon gives it something from which I can hang it instead of leaving it sit on the shower shelf.  The terry cloth lets the soap breath so it dries.  If it gets too soapy, I remove the soap and throw it in the washer.  It's great for traveling too since I can use the soap the day I am packing and still be able to toss it in my suitcase without worrying about a wet  bar of soap.

I have several pockets for body soap as well.  I have found that the hotel soaps and shampoos really dry out my hair and skin.  The terry cloth pockets also are a handy spot for resting soap on a hotel basin since it doesn't leave a mess.

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