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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Disney Fish Extender

Yes, I know.  I seem to be in a rut, but another friend needed a fish extender for her Disney cruise and who was I to refuse.  Besides that, I can not find the fish extender I made for our cruise earlier this year.  It's definitely in a really safe place.

I don't charge for anything that has a Disney design on it because I am a firm believer in not infringing on copyrights, but I'm not immune to accepting a gin and tonic as thanks.  I have noticed that there are fish extenders being sold on various internet sites with prices between $40 and $60.  I am severly underpricing my crafting skills.  LOL

As for my recent fish hangers, I have learned to put the pleate away from the edge so it's easier to apply the seam binding.  I have cleaned up my flags as well.  They may not be all the same width, but making them the same height made putting them in a straight line a lot easier.


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