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Monday, September 10, 2012

Make-up Bag Project

It's been ages since I've posted anything, but never fear, I've not been idol.  Most of my projects have been duplicating items seen on Pinterest.  I saw a very nice make-up bag, and wanted to make a couple to give as gifts to friends with whom we will be staying this month.  I added a beautiful embroidery design from, but it took three attempts to get it right.  Actually, bag one was a challenge since I foolishly decided to line it with plastic.  That caused some interesting moments when I needed to turn it right side out.  The most disappointing point was finding that I'd stitched the design too far down from the edge and it ended up on the bottom of the bag.  Bag two is a bit on the large side, and I wish I'd used a darker pink thread for the letter on bag three.

For complete directions for making this bag, go to

Just remember to center the embroidery so that the top edge is about 2 inches from the zipper edge.  It's easier to stitch the embroidery first and then assemble the bag.

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